Speaking of Faith

One of my favorite programs from American Public Media is Speaking of Faith, hosted by Krista Tippett.  I first listened to the program at home in Indianapolis, but because it is on the air at a really bad time (7am on Sunday mornings) I started to listen to the podcasts, which are downloadable on iTunes.  The show discusses a range of topics relating to religion, spirituality, and morality, and the intersection of those things with politics, culture, and everyday life.


Some of my favorite shows have been…

-“Religious Passion, Pluralism, and the Young”: a discussion with Eboo Patel about the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, Ill.

-“The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi”: a look at the Muslim mystic and poet who has popularity has recently grown in the U.S.

-“The Spirituality of Parenting”: a conversation with a rabbi from Indianapolis about the importance of raising your children in a religious tradition

-“Reflections from a Former Islamist Extremist”: an interview in which a former extremist explains his previous mindset and rationale

-“The Beauty and Challenges of Being Catholic”: Catholics reflect on their experiences. (This is probably my favorite, because I relate so well to it.)

All of the pieces on Islam are great, but I don’t want to list them all here.

I hope you subscribe to Speaking of Faith.  I find it particularly useful to listen to while doing work around the house.

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  1. I can’t remember if I ever told you, but I heard Krista Tippett speak at Macalester last fall. I really enjoyed hearing her!

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