Ira Glass Storytelling Series (Pt. IV)

Here is the final video installment of Ira Glass’ storytelling video series.

He talks about two super important things that journalists should remember.  One, if you’re in broadcast, be yourself.  Don’t try to talk like someone else who’s already on TV because that’s just boring.  Two, stories are most compelling when you see the interaction between the subject and the people he/she knows.  This means that journalists don’t always have to cut themselves out of a story.  As the journalist, you were the one whose point of view the story is coming from, so the reader should be clear about your role in the process.

A really good example of this is Ira Glass’ piece called “Dead Animal Man.”  In the piece, you can hear Ira’s conversation with the D.C. sanitation man who scoops up dead animals and roadkill and disposes of them.  It’s a fabulous piece that has been used as a teaching tool at Y-Press a lot.  (If you can’t hear the piece, that’s probably because you don’t have an account on PRX.  But it’s easy to get one and it’s free.)

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