Must watch video: Obama administration eats up Fox News’ bait

This is a must-watch segment from the Rachel Maddow show (click on “Fox News fabrication works again”.  Those of you who may be hesitant to watch it because it is from an MSNBC program, please take the five minutes to watch it anyway.

The segment discusses the recent firing of a Dept of Ag official for her supposedly “racist” attitude and actions–I’m sure most of you have heard the story.  The firing was prompted by Fox News’ incomplete and untrue coverage of the official’s statements.

I think Rachel’s assessment of Fox News’ actions and the Obama Administration’s sad response is spot on.  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

4 Replies to “Must watch video: Obama administration eats up Fox News’ bait”

  1. wow, im glad someone else is aware that fox is just a gossip channel and not real news, its unfortunate people lose their jobs just so they can cover a “scandal”

  2. This whole segment is like 13 minutes but it makes perfectly clear how abusive Fox News has been with this entire debacle. The video doctoring is indisuptable and I’m embarassed at how easily the Obama Administration continues to fold under illegitimate attacks.

    Thanks for sharing this, Jordan.

  3. I think Alter’s incorrect. Is it worth the White House time to get into the mud and slog toe-to-toe with those “journalists” spewing fantasy and hate?

    Absolutely. Because it’s the right thing to do and people respond to strong leadership. Aaron Sorkin has to be hopping up and down and yelling at his TV, “I made this scenario! Watch ‘The American President!’ Somebody!!”

    And he’s right. I’m all for presenting both (or all) sides to an argument. That’s great but when a news outlet stoops this low, they deserve to get kicked in the teeth for it.

    The President did make huge mistakes by leaping to react before gathering the slightest bit of information. Gather the facts, get the story, find the truth…then act. Right now, Obama only looks weak and reactionary.

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