Noa and Mira: Israeli and Palestinian Lay Groundwork for Peace

Several weeks ago, I heard an interview with musical artists Noa and Mira on Tell Me More, an NPR radio program.  The two featured singers, a Jew and an Arab-Israeli, teamed up to use their fame and talent to promote cooperation in the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Their music is trilingual–in Arabic, Hebrew, and English–which makes it especially fun to listen too.

Mira (left) and Noa (right)

On the show, the performed three of their songs: There Must Be Another Way, A Word, and Will You Dance with Me? and talked about the successes and struggles they’ve had in their goal to lay the groundwork for peace-building.

I’ve looked for MP3s of their music and haven’t been able to find them on iTunes or anywhere else.  So if you find them let me know!

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