The Paschal Paradox

In a world full of suffering and violence, we are given this truth at Easter: Al-Masihu qama min bain al-amwat, Wa wati al-mouta bil-mout, Wa wahab al-hayata lil-lethina fil qubour. Christ has risen from the dead. In dying, he trampled death, And gifted life to those who were in the tomb. We still do feel … Continue reading The Paschal Paradox


“Even if I don’t see it again”: Marie Howe on mysticism

Today's Gospel reading in the Catholic Church--about Jesus' transfiguration--reminded me that for some time I've been wanting to share the following poem by Marie Howe. Like the Gospel reading, which describes the apostles' brief glimpse into the transcendent, Marie's poem, "Annunciation," describes the joy and solace of moments of seeming communion with God. In different … Continue reading “Even if I don’t see it again”: Marie Howe on mysticism

Poem: “Bethel”

In short, the message of this poem is an elaboration of Jacob's exclamation in Genesis 28:16: “Truly, the Lord is in this spot, although I did not know it.” Though I don’t often realize it, God is always with me.