Why I cried in Arabic class

I don’t know what exactly brought tears to my eyes, but the combination of the beautiful culture and its tragic loss; the foreign sound of bombs and the familiar sound of Shami Arabic; and the human goodness that somehow persists in the midst of evil made a lump rise in my throat. I looked over and noticed that my teacher was fighting back tears, too.

dotCommonweal: “Mercy-ing: A Starting Point for Dialogue”

My newest blog post on dotCommonweal. Start reading here and then continue by clicking "Read more." Amid all the excitement from the unprecedented interview with Pope Francis published by Jesuit journals worldwide, many Catholics may have missed one of the Pontiff’s more subtle communiqués: a letter sent to the head of al-Azhar University, a highly respected institution … Continue reading dotCommonweal: “Mercy-ing: A Starting Point for Dialogue”