Video: My talk on “finding Jesus among Muslims”

In an event hosted by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation in Indianapolis, Ind., I was provided with an opportunity to speak about my experiences with interreligious dialogue, and expand upon my article “Finding Jesus Among Muslims,” which appeared in the Jesuit magazine America in February 2012.

Click on this photo to view the video.

In the hopes that my talk can reach a wider audience, I have posted a video link here.

What you’ll see by clicking the photo above is the talk I presented.  What is not included is a thoughtful discussion in which the audience posed questions and shared their own experiences.  I hope you can also participate in the discussion in the comments section below.

If you’re interested in hosting a similar event at your place of worship or organization, please contact me at


One thought on “Video: My talk on “finding Jesus among Muslims”

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