One year left: Upcoming changes in the Catholic Mass

As Catholics, we’ve really got to enjoy the next year.  We’ve got to appreciate the fact that we can effortlessly recite the congregational responses in Mass, and sing the Holy, Holy and Lamb of God without following the words or musical notes. Because starting on the first Sunday of Advent next year, we won’t be … Continue reading One year left: Upcoming changes in the Catholic Mass


A sacrificial feast

Written  November 2010. Today, Muslims are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the holiest holiday in the Islamic calendar. It is similar to Christians’ Easter celebrations, in that it is the most important holiday of the year, yet the worldwide festivities and preparations are less extensive than those during the month of Ramadan (which is similar to Christmastime … Continue reading A sacrificial feast

Thoughts for election day: “Restoring Civility”

Since today is election day, I thought it was appropriate to publish this short post.  As I seem to always be saying, I hoped to accompany this up with a longer reflection, but this short bit will suffice for now. The following podcast ("Restoring Civility: An Evangelical View") is again from my favorite radio program, On … Continue reading Thoughts for election day: “Restoring Civility”