Muslims preserve Jewish shrine in Iraq

Here's a great 3 minute video from the New York Times about a Jewish shrine in Iraq that is preserved and worshipped in by Muslims.  They hope to restore it in order for Jewish pilgrims to visit the crumbling site, which is considered to be the prophet Ezekiel's burial ground.  The shrine is beautiful--it's ancient … Continue reading Muslims preserve Jewish shrine in Iraq


Images from Iraq

Along with its series containing leaked information about the Iraq war, the New York Times published these two slideshows--one depicting civilian deaths and one illustrating detainee abuse by Iraqis (and overlooked by Americans.) If we saw these pictures of war every day on the news, I think wars would be much less frequent.  The carnage … Continue reading Images from Iraq

Examples of empathetic journalism

This post is about the importance of “empathetic journalism.”  This past summer, I spent a considerable amount of time writing about this topic, but I was never happy with anything I’d written.  During the past few weeks and months, however, I’ve stumbled upon a few great examples that discuss empathetic journalism, so I’ll post them … Continue reading Examples of empathetic journalism