Academic Work

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Academic Research Papers

-Preaching Fear, Creating Hate: An analysis of Fox News’ Islamophobic Discourse
-“Why Do They Hate Us?”: Narrative in the Media After 9/11
-Missiles and Minarets: Examining the Propaganda from the Swiss Minaret Ban
-Uncovering Discourse and Power in the Anti-Sharia Movement

Muslim-Christian Relations
-In Our New Time: Examining Nostra Aetate and Catholic-Muslim Relations in a Post-9/11 World
-A Proposal on Achieving a New Way Forward: Suggestions to Improve Islam-West Relations

Media and violence
-The Humanizing of Violence and Crime in Palestinian Films
-War Journalism as Critical Theory
-Authorial Intent in the Case of the Rushdie Affair
-Media Literacy for the Benefit of American Democracy

-Blindess and Sin in the Theologies of Teresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich
-Handmaid of Allah: Mary in Classical Islamic and Sufi Exegesis

Creative Writing

-Les beurs (2011)
This screenplay follows the story of Sami, a French-Algerian teenager living in the Clichy-sous-Bois suburb of Paris. He and his friends, who spend much of their time playing pick-up soccer to escape the harsh reality of their lives, are ultimately caught up in the events that spark violent riots across France in 2005. Intended for a western audience, the movie attempts to humanize young men in the Parisian suburbs and to explain why violence—in particular the 2005 riots—often breaks out.  (This screenplay was written for a course entitled “Arab History on Film.”)

One Response to Academic Work

  1. Saleh Alhomedi says:

    I am deeply moved by your articulated suggestions you made in your essay. I fully agree with the many points you suggested to ameliorate relations between the “West” and “Islam”. God Bless you.

    Saleh Alhomedi,

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